15 March  Friday 12-6

12:15           13:45   James McClure           Calabash bowl

14:00           15:30   Don Geiger                   Natural edge Bowl

15:45           17:15   James McClure           Spherical box

                                                                16 March  Saturday 10-6

10:15           11:45   Steve Marlow             Bowl from a Board-Flat to Fantastic

12:00           13:30   Patrick Sikes               Sea urchin ornament

13:45           15:15   Steve Marlow              You're the Tops

15:30           17:00   Patrick Sikes                Pen Turning - Beyond the Basic                                 

                                      17 March Sunday 10-4

10:15           11:45   Keith Larrett                 End grain vessel with Pewter Rim

12:00           13:30   Rudolph Lopez             Thin stemmed Goblet

13:45           14:45   Al Hockenbery            Turning a Sphere the easy way

Calabash bowl: Calabash bowls, elegantly shaped with rounded bottoms present particular challenges to the turner.  Learn simple concepts to successfully turn these and other bowls with confidence. 

Natural edge bowl:  Starting with a green half log a bowl is turned. Learn about the tools to use, wood selection, blank preparation, mounting, techniques to produce pleasing curves and smooth surfaces, and drying the bowl successfully.

Spherical box: Learn the techniques and tools to use to turn a spherical box.   Get new ideas and inspiration about how to use texturing and coloring to enhance your work

Bowl from a Board: Attendees will discover a rarely used technique to turn their flat scraps into completed and beautiful turnings.  Information will include jig and chuck considerations, cutting and gluing techniques, tool considerations, and finishing.

Sea urchin ornament: make an eye catching ornament with elegant finials.  Learn finial design concepts, simple ways to prepare and finish the shells, and how to add gold leaf.

You're the Tops: Easy to learn, quick, and enjoyable projects that only require basic tools and know-how.

Pen Turning - Beyond the Basics: go beyond the basic kits, turn end-caps, use cone centers to perfect curves.

Vessel with Pewter Rim: A quick and easy method to embellish an end grain vessel with the addition of a cast pewter rim.

Thin stemmed goblet: Whether for show or use a turned goblet is a great gift and fun to turn.  Learn how to turn the cup and a long thin stem. 

Turning a sphere:  Learn a technique for turning a Sphere that is simple and quick.  Mastering the spherical curve will improve the curves in all your turnings.